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Over 15 years assisting the best manufacturers in the cosmetic, household, and institutional industries.

Members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
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We are currently taking the last steps towards achieving ISO 9001 quality standards certification
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Cooperating partners of the Argentine Cosmetic Chemists Association
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Our mission:

To carry on standing out because of the innovative solutions and ideas we provide to the most demanding developers. To constantly update our whole staff’s know-how. To supply and deliver top quality raw materials

Our vision:

To be recognized as a leading company in raw materials trading for the cosmetic, institutional, and pharmaceutical industries.

To improve our customers’ satisfaction by implementing:

• Professionalism
• Innovation
• A prompt response to your requirements:


Ongoing excellence and constant improvement.

Our values:

- A high-quality service is a responsibility shared by our whole team.

- Collaborative work in order to achieve a high degree of synergy among the various areas:

- Giving our best, thus contributing the company with such capacity.

- A continuously improving communication in our team, as well as with our customers, furthering a dialogue and constructive improvement

- The value of contributing, processing, and implementing good ideas

Quality policies: Find our current policies here

We are Quetzal Química, a family company founded in 2002, dedicated to importing and distributing special products for the cosmetic, institutional, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our technical service is formed by professionals, who are always at the clients’ disposal and focused on incorporating innovative products and new developments. The quality of the raw materials we work with is supported by the certification of ISO quality standards in the companies we represent.

We take part in international and regional events and training courses of the cosmetic field as sponsors, exhibitors or assistants in order to keep up with all the news. To us, it is very important to maintain a high level of know-how, so as to be able to provide those who choose our company with the latest news in the cosmetic field.

In order to communicate the benefits of using our products in this industry, we deliver lectures and conferences in both private and state entities (an example of the latter is the University of Buenos Aires, UBA). This fills us with pride as we have the responsibility of providing our colleagues and future professionals with the field’s relevant information.